Business Setup and Strategy in Russia

Choices you make while starting your business in Russia will influence your further business activity. The first thing you need to decide upon is the type of your future legal entity, how to structure it, what taxation scheme to apply, etc. Such decisions determine further business operations, financing of your company, tax burden, limitations and restrictions, etc.

To have a smooth and successful start on the Russian market you need to study it well, be experienced in communication with the state authorities and have plenty of time at hand. Or you can focus on your business strategies and lay all the organisational matters into the hands of  who have vast experience in business organisation together with a desire to help your business operate successfully.

Our main business setup services are listed below:

  • strategic setup and planning
  • structuring advice
  • market research, business partners search
  • registration of a legal entity
  • bank accounts opening
  • organization of all the necessary processes and formalities in banking, tax, migration, HR
  • expat consulting, migration
  • general business advisory
  • recruiting of personnel
  • office sublease or office search

We are always ready to offer you a tailor-made solution for your current demands and wishes. Just contact us to receive further information.

All Services

  • market research.
  • structuring advisory / optimal structuring.
  • registration of a legal entity.
  • bank accounts opening.
  • organization of all the necessary. processes and formalities in banking, tax, migration, HR.
  • expat consulting.
  • general business advisory.
  • recruiting of personnel.
  • office sublease or office search.
  • full or partial accounting and payroll outsourcing with modular solutions.
  • chief accountant outsourcing.
  • reporting to the state authorities.
  • reporting to HQ according to internal guidelines
  • support during external audits
  • communication with tax authorities and other authorities.
  • consulting in accounting, payroll and tax compliance.
  • corporate law.​
  • labour law.
  • migration law.
  • compliance.
  • tax consulting.
  • tax structuring.
  • tax optimization.
  • transfer pricing.
  • office sublease.
  • legal address.
  • business address.
  • business representatives.
  • business process & back office outsourcing.
  • outsourcing of management positions (general director, HR director, finance director).
  • board representation.
  • general HR consulting.
  • HR & payroll audits.
  • HR director / HR manager outsourcing.
  • personnel development.
  • coaching.
  • labour law consulting.
  • recruiting.
  • internal rules & regulations.
  • support before, during and after the labour inspection.
  • hiring & dismissal.
  • Long / short term general director outsourcing.
  • CFO outsourcing.
  • chief accountant outsourcing.
  • HR director / HR manager outsourcing.
  • board of directors representation.
  • outstaffing of personnel.
  • company management.
  • general business consulting.
  • search for optimal location;
  • legal support in foundation, purchase, registration;
  • business partner checks;
  • import support;
  • communication with authorities;
  • cooperation with partners in planning and construction;
  • interim management;
  • support of experienced industrial managers.

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