Legal & Tax Consulting, International Business Strategy

Legal and tax matters arise on every company’s way starting from the moment of its registration up to the process of possible liquidation. The legislation changes fast and you have to make sure you are fully compliant to avoid issues, penalties and to be as safe as possible in relations with counterparties, employees and other stakeholders.

consult on every field of commercial and civil law. Whatever difficulties or questions you are facing, we have the right solution. Whether it is creation of a service contract or localization of production in Russia or Central Asia, we commit to our clients’ needs to ensure successful operation of their business. Our values make us a reliable business partner for long-term cooperation.

We have business operations in Russia, Central Asia, Switzerland and the Middle East.

We provide the following legal & tax services:

  • consulting on business setup, optimal structuring, strategic setup in Russia, Central Asia, UAE and Switzerland.
  • Business representation in Switzerland, UAE, Central Asia and Russia
  • corporate law
  • labour law
  • international contract law
  • migration law (work permit, working visa, business visa invitation etc.)
  • international inheritance law
  • international family law
  • legal compliance in different jurisdictions
  • tax consulting across different jurisdictions
  • international tax structuring
  • tax optimization
  • transfer pricing
  • international business strategies

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All Services

  • market research.
  • structuring advisory / optimal structuring.
  • registration of a legal entity.
  • bank accounts opening.
  • organization of all the necessary. processes and formalities in banking, tax, migration, HR.
  • expat consulting.
  • general business advisory.
  • recruiting of personnel.
  • office sublease or office search.
  • full or partial accounting and payroll outsourcing with modular solutions.
  • chief accountant outsourcing.
  • reporting to the state authorities.
  • reporting to HQ according to internal guidelines
  • support during external audits
  • communication with tax authorities and other authorities.
  • consulting in accounting, payroll and tax compliance.
  • corporate law.​
  • labour law.
  • migration law.
  • compliance.
  • tax consulting.
  • tax structuring.
  • tax optimization.
  • transfer pricing.
  • office sublease.
  • legal address.
  • business address.
  • business representatives.
  • business process & back office outsourcing.
  • outsourcing of management positions (general director, HR director, finance director).
  • board representation.
  • general HR consulting.
  • HR & payroll audits.
  • HR director / HR manager outsourcing.
  • personnel development.
  • coaching.
  • labour law consulting.
  • recruiting.
  • internal rules & regulations.
  • support before, during and after the labour inspection.
  • hiring & dismissal.
  • Long / short term general director outsourcing.
  • CFO outsourcing.
  • chief accountant outsourcing.
  • HR director / HR manager outsourcing.
  • board of directors representation.
  • outstaffing of personnel.
  • company management.
  • general business consulting.
  • search for optimal location;
  • legal support in foundation, purchase, registration;
  • business partner checks;
  • import support;
  • communication with authorities;
  • cooperation with partners in planning and construction;
  • interim management;
  • support of experienced industrial managers.

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