Irina Saadueva

Irina manages the Moscow and St. Petersburg legal departments, and has over 12 years of legal consulting experience. She specializes in assisting with production localization projects in Russia, with a focus on German, Swiss and Italian companies in the field of automotive, chemical production and pharmaceuticals.

Irina is an expert in contract law, particularly contractual manufacturing agreements, license agreements, and distribution contracts. In addition, she advises clients in other areas of law in German, English and Italian. She is a coordinator of the St. Petersburg subdivision of the Association of Italian Business in Russia – GIM Unimpresa.

Irina holds the title of Dipl. Lawyer, specializing in contract law and family & inheritance law, and graduated from the law faculty of Humboldt University of Berlin (Germany).

Irina’s hobbies include lezginka dancing, yachting and crochet.